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In 2005 the artist Johannes Pickert opened his gallery HeArtofHamburg with a focus on cities and landscape photography. HeArtofHamburg stands on the one hand for Johannes passion for photography, and on the other hand having "Art" in its name.
It shows the demand to work on art which Johannes follows since his school days. After school he trained as an professionell Actor graduated with diploma. After 10 years on "stage that is the world", as well as being active in various commercials and german television series, he dedicated himself to focus all over on the photography.
In his photography Johannes is an autodidact concentrates on unique perspectives with atmosperic density without distorting the photographic work afterwards digitally.

Johannes sells his pictures up to 4 meters wide over all the world, and his limited editions has already been shown on artfairs in London, Zürich and Miami.
If Johannes does not seek for new  Motifs he spends his time either on practising martial arts, or sometimes with friends and a good glass of red wine, following the motto: "Just do it - I did it!"





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